Sunday Services

We have two morning services each Sunday in the Parish – 9am at Immanuel Church followed by a service at 10.30am at St Mark’s Church.

Both services receive the same sermon (talk) – people who go to either service can join together in home groups during the week for further discussion.

9am- Immanuel Church at St Mark’s School

This is a service of Holy Communion each week, either in the more traditional language of the Book of Common Prayer or the more modern liturgy of Common Worship. Services take place in the lovely space of Immanuel Church at St Mark’s School.

In terms of style, the more traditional service is quieter, without any sung worship. The more modern service includes recorded sung worship across a range of hymns and more recent worship songs.

As this service is a mixture of two congregations, we are still finding our way forward with the balance of different approaches- do please check the diary for the most up to date information on this.

On a month that gives us a fifth Sunday, the Parish join for one service together- this alternates between the two places of worship.

10.30am- St Mark’s Church

At this service we take a more relaxed and informal style of worship incorporating our music group. There are groups for children and young people each week, apart from the ‘All Welcome’ services where all ages gather together to worship. We share Communion together once a month, and almost all of our 10.30am services are live-streamed and available to watch after the event.

Pattern of services at St Mark’s

The service style varies through the month, but generally follows the pattern below:

Service of the word- 1st, 4th and 5th Sunday
Within these services there’s time for reflection, self discovery, learning and sharing. We always have a variety of music and we’re blessed by diverse leaders and preachers. Children and young people are encouraged to attend age-appropriate groups during these services.

All Welcome2nd Sunday

This is a service that’s accessible to people of all ages and our children a young people stay in a main worship area. It’s a slightly more relaxed service, usually with a choice of activities and small group discussion.

Holy Communion- 3rd Sunday

This service has similar elements to the Service of the Word with the addition of Communion. Children and young people are encouraged to attend their group during this service, however they are brought back to the main worship area in order to receive a communion or a blessing with the church family.

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