Prayer and Pastoral Care

Much of the support and care that we provide as a church comes through the network of friendships, home and social groups that individuals connect with in their regular church life. Over coffee or as part of a small group, we talk together about our lives, about the joys and the challenges, and we offer practical support and prayer for each other’s needs.

Prayer is a natural part of life as a Christian. Jesus taught his followers to pray using the words that we now call ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, and sometimes when we are not sure what to say, a simple prayer like this one can offer us real comfort. However, prayer does not have to have a particular form—it is simply a conversation with God in which no special words are needed and in which we have the freedom to be honest—God already knows what is on our hearts.

Whether we pray alone or together, we believe that God hears us and responds. Prayer does not mean that God simply grants us our requests—it is based on relationship—and whatever we are facing God brings us hope and reminds us that we are not alone.

Pastoral care and prayer team

At times, anyone can need additional support and care. Members of the pastoral care team within the parish, alongside the vicar, are available to anyone who lives in the parish to provide a listening ear in a friendly and encouraging way. If you would like more information, someone to visit or phone you or someone you know, please contact the parish office here or you can phone us on 01256 840502.

Our prayer team is usually available for anything you would like to pray about for yourself or others after the 10:30 am Sunday service at St Mark’s. Each week two members of the team sit in the area to the right of the front of the church and would love to chat and pray with you about any concerns and needs that you have. If you would prefer to be prayed for by two people of the same gender as yourself, please do say.

Please be assured that our pastoral care and prayer team all have the appropriate DBS clearances and understand the importance of sensitive listening, trust and confidentiality.

Prayer chain

If you would like members of the church community to pray for you, a loved one or a particular situation, we have an active email/telephone prayer chain. Please contact the parish office here with your prayer request to be communicated to the prayer chain. 

If you are not currently a part of the prayer chain and would like to join it to pray for others, again, please do let us know.

Friday prayer group

Each Friday lunchtime from 1.30pm there is a small group that meets at the church to pray informally for each other, the needs of the church family, the local community and the wider world. The group meet for about an hour and anyone is welcome to come and join in praying.

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