Church Life

Church isn’t the building, it is the gathered people of God. In this section of the website you’ll find information about all sorts of things that are going on across the parish of Basingstoke Down.

  • Home groups
    Being a Christian is just about popping to church on a Sunday right? Fortunately not! Being a Christian is mostly about the in-between bits! And these can be the most challenging! In the parish we have small groups that meet during the week to nurture our faith and support each other. During this time we study the bible, follow up the week’s sermon and pray together. What happens during this time can be flexible to meet the needs of the group.
  • Children and youth
    Our aim is do everything we can to teach children about God and nurture the growing faith of children and youth by providing age appropriate opportunities both here at church during Sunday worship and at many other times in and out of our church buildings during the week.
  • CAP money course
    The Parish of Basingstoke Down has a team of trained Money Coaches and we run the CAP Money Course at different churches around the town.
  • Music group
    We are fortunate within the parish to worship using a variety of styles from traditional hymns to newer songs from today’s Christian singer/songwriters.
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