Life events

Here, at the Parish of Basingstoke Down, we believe putting God at the centre is something of great importance.

God invites us on a life-long journey. From the moment we are born we are never alone: God accompanies us through life, leading us deeper into a relationship with him, and at the end of our lives he brings us home.

The Parish of Basingstoke Down has a range of services that mark the essential stages of life’s journey; the milestones we touch along the way.

We consider it a privilege to be invited to walk alongside you on your journey with God. Our baptism, confirmation, wedding and funeral services as well as the prayers of love and faith for those in a same-sex relationship are just some of the ways we can help you mark your experiences along life’s way.

To find out more about any of these go to the individual pages or contact the Parish Office using the contact form or telephone on 01256 840502.

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