Seconding PCC Nominations

Thank you for visiting the web site to second someone’s nomination of a candidate for one of the important roles on the new Parish’s PCC. There are some guidance documents from the Church of England about what qualifies someone to stand as a Churchwarden, Deanery Synod Representative or PCC Lay Member. Please take a moment to check that the person whose nomination you plan to second meets the criteria and, if you are not sure, please check with them. It may save some embarrassment later!

Here are the Rules for Nomination of a Churchwarden

Here are the Rules for Nomination of a Deanery Synod Representative

Here are the Rules for Nomination of a PCC Lay Member

You will need to know the email addresses of the person whose nomination you are seconding: and, of course, your own!

Now here’s the form to fill in. And thank you again!

You have been to second the nomination of to the following position. Please indicate which position you would like to accept.

Thank you for taking an active part in the life of the parish. The nominations you selected have succefully been registered and unless contested will start serving in the role(s) chosen after the next meeting.

If there are more applicants than positions available, then a vote will be held. Make sure you attend the meeting which will be publicised to ensure you can vote for your preference if needed.

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