CAP Money Coaching

There’s a lot going on!

We are in the middle of the CAP Money Kids season.  This course is for Year 6 children, to help them as part of their preparation for moving up to secondary school and to give them life skills of money management.  We usually offer the course to schools towards the end of the summer term, after they’ve finished their SATS and are at a bit of a loose end!

This year God has really answered our prayers – which were to open the door for us to get into more schools – and we have a fantastic team of Money Coaches and Assistants delivering this fabulous course in six of the schools near us:  Kempshott; St Mark’s; St Bede’s; St Anne’s; Manor Field and Winklebury.  The kids love it (there are lots of fun activities) and the teachers appreciate being able to sit back for an hour!

Please pray for the team because it’s hard work (as the teachers among you will know) and the logistics of packaging up all the materials needed for each session are complex.  This is a chance for the church to be seen being active in the world and helping people.  It’s also a chance to send messages home to family members about CAP Money Coaching for adults.  So please pray that we will not only help people with their money, but that we will show the relevance of the church in today’s world.

Thank you


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