Big Parenting Questions Big Parenting Questions

Parenting pre-teens: what you didn’t see coming

Care for the Family know that parenting isn’t always easy!

Especially when our children are in that awkward phase between childhood and the teenage years. It’s a constant juggling act of needing to give them boundaries but also the freedom to grow.

Our brand-new event Big Parenting Questions is designed to offer hope and help through this time of change in our children’s lives.

It’s impossible to know the answer to every question our children throw our way; to respond to every situation perfectly, or to diffuse all arguments before they end in doors slamming and feet stomping upstairs – we get it.
And just because we don’t always handle it well doesn’t mean we’re failing at being a parent!
But we can learn effective ways to support our kids through this tumultuous time.
From resisting the urge to solve every problem to figuring out the best time to have difficult conversations, there are plenty of practical strategies to try.

Find out more from the Care for the Family website.

Join us as we explore principles that will equip you to come alongside your child as they increasingly establish their identity.
We’d love to see you there.

The Care for the Family team

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