Christmas Journey- we need your help on Sunday!!

We are really pleased that we will be welcoming children from both St Mark’s School and Kempshott Infants to the Christmas Journey experience again this year! It’s a wonderful opportunity to help children and staff engage in the events of the Christmas story in a way that they might not otherwise during the festive season.

As always, we really need your help to make it work

  1. Could you stay for a while after the Sunday service at St Mark’s on Sunday to help clear chairs, put up gazebos and set the scene for each area. We will be providing pizza for lunch as added incentive for those who might be able to stay for a bit longer… lt us know if you can stay longer for pizza…
  2. Could you bring in the props and fabrics asap that you have previously let us borrow from this Sunday onward – we will have boxes out at the back of St Mark’s to collect them.
  3. Please pray for the team and for the events on the mornings of 4th and 6th December.

Nicola and Clare

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