Get to know some of our new neighbours!

The Great Bovis Bake Off- Saturday 4th June- 11am- 3pm

Bovis, the builders behind the development of Hounsome Fields, are running a community event over the Jubilee weekend as an opportunity for people to get to know each other. It’s a great chance for us to say ‘hello!’ to people too and begin to build relationships in this new part of our parish. Do let us know if you are able to pop by, even for an hour, to welcome people moving into our parish.

Help needed to make up Welcome Packs

After our Joint Service next week we need a crack team to help assemble 100 of our Welcome Packs for our new neighbours at Hounsome Fields.  The more the merrier (and quicker!).

If you’re able to help please talk to Debbie Veel or Jon Morris. And if you can help out at the Great Bovis Bake Off, or would like to know more about the New Neighbours Team, Debbie and Jon would be happy to chat.

Welcome packs envelope shape

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